Thursday 12th November, an 12 nov 18.00-18.30 Online Workshop on Inner Transition: exploring our personal response to the crisis with the help of the Work that Reconnects

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This email has news of two recordings, and three opportunities to meet, learn and share online coming up – all links available on .


Our next date is Thursday 12th November, an Online Workshop on Inner Transition: exploring our personal response to the crisis with the help of the Work that Reconnects

Zoom link:     18.00 – 19.30 CET     Your time zone here

Facebook event:

This will be an online workshop on Inner Transition, exploring our personal response to the crises with the help of the Work that Reconnects.  This can help each of us personally as we work in the fields of sustainability and collaboration, and also provide useful insights and skills that we can draw on to deepen and increase the meaningfulness of collaboration work.  The Work that Reconnects helps people discover and experience their innate connections with each other and the self-healing powers of the web of life, transforming despair and overwhelm into inspired, collaborative action.  This will be an introduction to this work with opportunities for interaction.

It will be led by Fernando García Ferreiro and Laura Sedano Bastida:

Fernando defines himself as an experienced beginner. He is a former Senior Manager of the European Commission (last job: Director Health and Wellbeing), Member of the Spanish Transition Network, involved with Deep Adaptation and Environmental Advisor of Serve the City (International Volunteering Association).  His journey into Inner Transition includes the facilitation of the Work that Reconnects, participation in retreats about Rites of passage, personal exploration of death and spirituality, practice of Mindfulness and kind militance for the vegan cause.

Laura Sedano Bastida is a Social Psychologist orientated to Social Permaculture, Group Facilitation and Inner Work. She is a member of the Spanish Transition Hub and has been involved in the Educational Area designing, coordinating and facilitating different courses. She was an Investigator in Groups Development and Social Permaculture on Permaculture and Bio Construction Projects in Brazil.  Her journey into Inner Transition started around 7 years ago when she was part of Permaculture Courses focused on Inner dimensions of change. She did an Intensive Course in the Work that Reconnects in México and she has been using Joanna´s Macy practices for years now. Teaching is one of her passions and the Spiritual, Inner and Social Dimension of Change guide her main focus.


On Wednesday 2nd December, Ecolise is holding an online session on Communities of Practice – leveraging impact by working together

17.00–19.00 CET  Your time zone here

Ecolise is the European network for community-led initiatives on climate change and sustainability.  People from the Municipalties in Transition community of practice are invited to participate in this session to learn from each other and share about how communities of practices can work better.  There will be presentations, roundtable conversation and group discussion between participants.  More details here: and more details to come!


And on Thursday 10th December we will hold a Virtual Café where you are invited to bring your experiences and share conversation about How to present ideas to your municipality.  This virtual café wll include a mini-presentation from Lara Freitas of Ecobairro, Sao Paulo, Brazil, a Municipalities in Transition pioneer community, sharing her experiences and learnings.

Zoom link:    18.00 – 19.30 CET     Your time zone here


Finally, here are blogs with information and recordings of two recent focus discussions and webinars:

European Day of Sustainable Communities – Case studies from the Municipalities in Transition project:

UrbanA Community Conversation on Municipalities in Transition, with a good introduction to the Municipalities in Transition system:



Look forward to connecting soon at one of the online events in November and December.


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