Municipalités en Transition Vol. 6 August 2020



Vol. 6 –  August 2020


What’s new?

1. We’re looking for new tutors, are you one of them?
2. Wekerle Transition opens « The commons »
3. News on our Pattern Language Database
4. Next events with the Community of Practice

Training of Tutors

In the last months of 2020 we will be delivering a new training to increase our pool of tutors. All the communities we work with are accompanied by a tutor for at least the period of one year. If you feel motivated by this possibility check the link below.

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« The commons » is open!

Wekerle Transition in Kispest, Budapest, has just openned their community cafe one of the outputs from working with MiT project.

Our Pattern Language Database

“What are the possible actions that work in real life? What are the concepts to be integrated to be able to think systemically? What can I do to influence a certain part of the community? How can I help shift the cultural paradigm?” The questions our Database want to answer.

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Next events  

Webinar | 23rd September, 18 – 19.30 CET – European Day of Sustainable Communities
Virtual Café  |  8th October, 18 – 19.30 CET – To be defined
Virtual Café  |  10th December, 18 – 19.30 CET – To be defined

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