Shared Governance online focus discussion on Monday 15th June avec l’Université de Nous!

Shared Governance online focus discussion on Monday 15th June
Nicola Hillary
Dear Municipalities in Transition community of practice,

Next, on the the fascinating subject of how we can better work in groups and make decisions together, is our online focus discussion on Shared Governance with Université du Nous!


Monday 15th June 2020  16.30 – 18.30 CEST  Your time zone here

Focus Discussion Webinar:  Innovative governance for collaboration: Shared governance
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Here is a message from Guillaume Dorvaux of Université du Nous, about the webinar:


« Daring to co-operate by sharing power in an organisation or group is a human challenge, because most of us are used to thinking and reacting in competition mode.

Whatever approach (Sociocracy, Holacracy…) is used, the practice of shared governance raises questions about power and leadership, personal and group dynamics and culture.

For 10 years, Université du Nous has seen how important the link is between the « I » and the « We », in order to integrate a posture of co-operation in an organisation’s culture.

In this webinar, we will explore this link between « I » and « We » in a shared governance system, using the consent philosophy as an important switch that can help this challenge.

Building on the recent Sociocracy 3.0 webinar, we will also focus on how to grow more agile and resilient learning organizations, making links between tools and consciousness. »


Here are four short and helpful videos from Université du Nous.  It could be useful to watch these before the webinar – but don’t worry if you don’t have time to do that.  We will show one or two of these videos during the webinar to illuminate and prompt discussions and questions.  (The videos are in French with English sub-titles.)


-> Relationship with power (6 minutes)

-> Path and result  (3 minutes)

-> Philosophy of consent  (11 minutes)

-> Pitfalls, limits and received ideas on shared governance.  (8 minutes)


This will be a really useful webinar to find out more, and discuss, about the Why, When and What of consent decision-making and how shared governance can help group collaboration.   I look forward to seeing you there!


Best wishes,


Nicola, one of the co-guardians of the Municipalities in Transition community of practice



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