Join us in creating ‘memories of the future’ and asking #Whatif during17th-24th October 2019

Join us in creating ‘memories of the future’ and asking #WhatIf

We know the time of ‘business as usual’ is over, that we must transform the present in order to create a sustainable future.

If we are to make the changes the climate emergency demands of us, the next 10-15 years will be a time of social, cultural, economic and political transformation almost without precedent. It will be a time when our imagination needs to be invited, valued and empowered. A time that future generations will sing great songs, and tell great tales about. A challenging yet amazing time to be alive!

What will help us build something so necessary and so remarkable will be our ability to tell rich and compelling stories of how the future could look, feel, taste, and sound. Stories that create a deep longing for a future very different from the present.

A future of clean air, children playing in the street, cities with food growing everywhere, more birdsong and wildlife, thriving local economies, homes and businesses powered by renewable energy, imaginative and playful architecture, and rewilded landscapes.

An age of connection, collaboration and community, with a sense of collective purpose. A more resilient, more diverse, more equal, more caring, fair world with zero emissions.

It will be a time of creativity, dreaming, and sharing. A space to explore our longings for what we want the future to be. Connecting us to each other and to a future worth fighting for.

We invite you to join us during 17th-24th October

Gather your community group, faith group, street, school, or organisation and spend time together generating ‘memories of the future’.

What this will look like is up to you, and you can find out more and download a resource guide here –

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