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Are you a boy, or are you a girl?

Guest editor Helene Oakley discusses gender, sexuality and power – personal themes that feature heavily in her own story. They are huge themes, too. She says, « They are part of our collective experience, running on tapes and reels within each of us individually, socially and culturally. Together, they make a great storm of a theme. It’s why I’m terrified to write about them. »
(Image: His hers mine – Charlie Vinz CC)

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A new approach to migration

Ruth from Regeneration Project Granada encourages us to personally to consider if diversity is welcomed in the spaces we create or attend, and act if not. She says, « Find out which groups in your local area are offering support to newcomers. Begin to build links and share ways to join project, events, happenings. Strangers don’t need to stay strangers for long and these small acts can make all the difference.”

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Transition Launch – Online Training

“This is the most energizing, deep and at the same time very mind-provoking course I’ve attended in years. I had no idea that working together online could be that powerful.”
Transition Launch is designed to provide you with everything you need to set-up and run a Transition or other community resilience-building initiative right where you live. The course is being run by Transition US and is open to English speakers from all over the world.

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Municipalities in Transition

This is an exciting week for Municipalities in Transition who are holding their first ever training session in Italy with their selected pilots. From the Energy Function in Emilia Romagna Region, Italy to Ecobairro in São Paulo, Brazil – you can read their case files on the website.

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News from the world of Transitionese

We hope to spark conversations on the many different ways words and language shape our collective culture. Language used by readers and writers, speakers and listeners, is something alive and ever changing: please join the conversation to share your stories of being lost (or found) in translation, help shape our definitions, and step up to lend a hand coordinating translation efforts!

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