From 19th to 22nd April 2017, Málaga (Spain) will host
the Global Forum NESI « New Economy and Social Innovation »,
a key meeting point for people, organisations and international networks that work to co-create a more sustainable and people-centered economy. 

Common Good forum is one of NESI Forum’s co-organizers
in 2016-2107 working on the #NESI #Charter,

with major international networks of the New Economy,
a project with the Global Hub for the Common Good, such as :
RIPESS (Social & Solidarity Economy), the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV), B-Corporations and Sistema B, Ouishare, Economy for the Common Good, Transition Towns, International Alliance for Localisation, Initiatives of Change, as well as other important partners such as the New Economics Foundation and the Schumacher College.
#NESI Forum
Also called « the Davos of the new economy »,
NESI Forum will gather over 400 attendees,
from businesses and investors, to activists, civil society organisations, academics and policy-makers,

with 3 key goals:

1 – Defining a road map to guide governments towards a new paradigm based on values and which guarantees the wellbeing of all people;

2 – Creating solid links of cooperation amongst organizations and new economy movements across the world; and

3 – Mobilizing firms, NGOs, social movements, the academic world and the civil society to contribute to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development objectives and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change through « bottom-up » processes.

Join the #NESI Forum!
As an open and participative think tank, it aims at catalysing the transition towards a more sustainable, fair, collaborative
and people-oriented economy.


Keynotes, workshops, dialogues and peer-to-peer sessions,
organised around four main tracks:

Track 1: « Rethinking Money: the Future of Finance ».

Including topics such as « Money Creation »,
« Reshaping Banking », « Reshaping Finances »,
and « The role of Philanthropy in the New Economy »
Track 2: « The Organisations of the Future »
with discussions about: « Social Purpose », « Conscious Consumption » and « Networking for the Common good ».Track 3: « Globalisation vs localisation »
including « The Cities of the Future »,
« Food Sovereignty » and « Democratising Energy ».Track 4: « Learning and training for a new economy »
that will deal with topics such as « Reshaping Education » and « The role of Media and Social Media in the New Economy ».

These topics will be covered by speakers from all over the world:
Gunter Pauli, creator of the concept of Blue Economy, Christian Felber, founder of the international movement Economy for the Common Good, Tessa Wenink, co-founder of Fairphone, Peter Holbrook, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK, Katherine Trebeck, researcher at Oxfam GB… and many more!


Are you sure you want to miss it?
Join us at #NESI Forum this spring!

Let’s change the economy & change the world!
Are you sure you want to miss it?
Join us at #NESI Forum this spring!

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