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Hi, this is Geoff.

We’ve been getting some interesting weather here the past couple of weeks, so much so that we had our internet knocked out for a couple of days last week (!)

Lots here in this week’s Friday Five, so let’s jump right in.

Urban: Two thoughtful pieces on urban permaculture. The first is an overview and roundup of approaches to solving world hunger that center on « thinking small, » a series of actions and steps done at the personal and community level. The second is a trailer for The Nature of Cities, a film that follows the University of Virginia’s Professor Timothy Beatley as he gives a tour of various urban projects around the world. Though its from 2010, there are some real gems here; if you have time for the full film (about 40 minutes), you can see it here.

Gorgeous: Every year, the Natural History Museum holds its Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice Award. They’re now on the 52nd such event, and the images that they have shortlisted are breathtaking. See them here, and feel free to vote on your favorite by 10 January 2017. Which one moves you the most?

Pattern: Whenever I teach the PDC course, the « Understanding Pattern » presentation consistently gets some of the most impassioned, interested reactions from students. We explore patterns that are often subtle, and once you learn to look for these, it becomes very difficult to « not see » them everywhere you look. Here is one that is not-so-subtle, and visually compelling. It never ceases to amaze me how nature leaves us so many messages in patterns.

Words matter: I shared in an earlier Friday Five news that « post-truth » was the « word of the year. » Here is a take in the opposite direction, namely, that words DO have meaning, and that they certainly do matter. The context here is the « lexicon of sustainability, » the idea that understanding simple terms and principles related to sustainability and permaculture will actually help us live in way consistent with those approaches. Sounds too basic to be of value? Check out there well-done set of resources here.

In case you missed it: Lots of great pieces this week from our sister site, the non-profit Permaculture Research Institute. The first is another great piece by Angelo Eliades titled, « Science, Technology and Permaculture – How Much Do You Really Need to Know? » The second is a short piece on swales and soil health, two topics that consistently get a great deal of interest. The third takes us back to words and language again, namely, « Why We Need to Focus on Terminology to Take Permaculture to the Next Level. » If you enjoy these posts, be sure to bookmark the site as several new articles go up weekly, or check out thousands of other past articles, here.

That’s it for the Friday Five – short and sweet as promised.

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Cheers, and have a great weekend

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