FRIDAY Five, by Geoff Lawton

J’ai rencontré Geoff Lawton pendant la permaculture convergence sept 2015 in London, son savoir de permaculture est impressionnant , et j’ai m’inscrit à son newsletter.  Maintenant il envoie un newsletter tous les vendredis; et j’ai lui demandé de  l’autorisation de publié son newsletter sur ce site. Il a dit oui et c’est dommage, mais aussi un honneur à Bill Mollison, le père de ma permaculture, que le premier newsletter de Geoff est dédié à Bill Mollison . Parce que la Transition est très lié à la permaculture, je vais le publié les prochaines bulletins sous permaculture. Hélas en anglais; mais je suis sûr que Geoff va nous inspirer comme Bill l’à fait



Hi, this is Geoff.

As many of you already know, Bill Mollison, my mentor, teacher, and dear friend, passed away over the weekend. It has been difficult to process; all that I’m able to say at this time I’ve shared in PRI’s statement on Bill’s passing here, and in this short video here.

I want to thank all of you who have offered your condolences. I offer the same in return, as Bill’s passing was a loss to us all.

This Friday Five is dedicated to Bill. He was impossible to limit during his lifetime, constantly pushing boundaries and going beyond convention; here too, we’ll push beyond our standard five-post-only format. How can we possibly limit Bill to just 5 things?

With no further ado: Bill Mollison, in his own words.

Quotable: 12 comments by Bill that really put on display the full spectrum, depth, creativity, and compassion of his thinking. Thank you, Andrew Martin, for compiling these.

A whale of a story (literally): How can kids from a seaside town best use a dead sperm whale? Best to let Bill explain…

In full form: About a dozen carefully selected videos from Bill’s teaching in 1984 at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, Texas. As the compiler of these videos noted: « These tapes bear many viewings and will benefit anyone who wants to learn how to help regenerate the earth – from backyard to bio-region. Teachers of permaculture have found these tapes to be a valuable coaching tool – edited to one hour. »

Always a joker: Every time I see this clip, I can’t help but crack a smile at Bill’s sense of humor. I remember this like it happened yesterday.

Inspired by Bill, dedicated to him: An incredible project in Zanzibar – I KNOW THAT THIS WOULD MAKE BILL SO SO HAPPY.

A lovely interview: From the International Permaculture Conference in Motovun, Croatia (June, 2005). Reflections and insights that were decades in the making.

Beginnings: This hour-long clip from the beginning of a course that I was honored to co-teach with him.

Bill on his students: « My students who become teachers they’re the only thing that gives me hope. » One of many gems from this audio-only interview by Frank Aragona on the Agroinnovations Podcast.

Bill and Greening the Desert: A great write-up and photos from when Bill visited the Dead Sea Valley in Jordan.

More great quotes: The first 12 above just scratched the surface. Here are 9 more.

I feel like I can keep on going forever, but we’ve already doubled the number of posts from anything that’s been done over these past 7 months. Best to close with one last thought, Bill in his own words:

« There is one, and only one solution, and we have almost no time to try it. We must turn all our resources to repairing the natural world, and train all our young people to help. They want to; we need to give them this last chance to create forests, soils, clean waters, clean energies, secure communities, stable regions, and to know how to do it from hands-on experience. »

Feel free to forward to a friend. Anyone can sign up for the next batch.

Cheers, and have a great weekend

Your friend,



PS – If you want to share your thoughts on Bill, his work, or express condolences to his widow, Lisa, you can do so in the comments section here. We may include some of these in a memoriam for Bill that we’ll put together in the near future.

« We are surrounded by insurmountable opportunities. »

Bill Mollison

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