The Transition Network Newsletter july 2016

Reflections on the opportunity that Brexit could offer us open our newsletter
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The Transition Network Newsletter

JULY 2016
A movement of communities
coming together to re-imagine
and rebuild our world.
Some timely reflections on the opportunity that Brexit could offer us open our newsletter followed by lessons we can learn from how rain on a forest work together. Doing things most of us take for granted as safe can have big consequences in places such as in Nicaragua. #FindRobbie who is missing. A love letter to Iceland offers some advice, and happy birthday Tooting! The importance of having a vision and a look at group health plus a (free) book review that seeks common ground.


progrexitThis #ProgrExit Starts With
Your Longing

If we can participate, and inspire, there’s a huge opportunity here. While many people are reeling after a campaign marked by very poor quality debate, some deeply dangerous and divisive framing, Rob Hopkins argues for us to turn the Brexit a ‘Progrexit’.



waterfallThe Forest Economy:
woodland as New Economy metaphor

Rob Hopkins turns a walk in the woods into a meditation on the New Economy.


Arrests in Nicaragua
Recently Salvador Tenorio from Transition Mexico and his colleagues from the Mesoamerican Caravan were arrested in Nicaragua while they were having a Efficient Oven Workshop. The suggestion is that the government is punishing ecological projects and people who are opposing the interoceanic Nicargua canal.  We are pleased to report that Salvador and his colleagues have been released, deported from Nicaragua and are now on their way to their home countries.

#findRobbieHelp Find Robbie Gibson missing from
Crystal Palace #FindRobbie

On 13 June Robbie Gibson, much loved Transitioner from Crystal Palace, south London, left his home to go for a walk and went missing. He was then seen on the Isle of Wight but now could be anywhere. His family are growing increasingly concerned for his safety and wellbeing. Here is a report on Radio 4. Please help keep an eye out for him and check here for the latest updates:

TT Israel logoThe first Israeli Transition Gathering 
Yoav Egozi of the Transition Israel Hub reports on a celebration of Transition in Israel.


Iceland’s 4 Keys to Real Wealth – a Love Letter
Following his trip to Iceland speaking at an event ‘Tool kit for survival at the edge of the world’, Naresh Giangrande writes a love letter to the country with some timely advice.

Transition Town Tooting Turn 8!

The wonderful Transition Town Tooting in London just celebrated their 8th birthday. They have a lot to celebrate.

Have you been wanting to do Launch online but you English is not up to it? Launch online is now in English, Spanish, and for the first time in French. The English version starts September 13, 09.00, Spanish version October 4th 19.00, and in French October 20th 19.00. All links for more information and to register in the link below
launch banner


Transition laguna Vision
Our Initiative Support Coordinator Mike Thomas writes about the importance of creating a vision for your group.

spring cleaning

Spring-cleaning our Transition groups
The success and longevity of the social and ecological renewal Movement rests, to a large extent, on the health of our groups. Claire Milne asks how many of us actually give our group the regular spring-clean it needs to de-clutter and make space to be able to function in a way that supports us to become increasingly effective, creative, nourished, innovative, resilient and transformative?


Ruah SwennerfeltRising to the Challenge: the Transition Movement and People of Faith
With a foreward by Rob Hopkins, Ruah Swennerfelt has just published a fascinating new addition to the literature on Transition (that you can download for free) that she hopes will introduce people of faith to Transition, and give people in Transition some tools for how to engage and work with communities of faith. As Rob says in the introduction, « It does what Transition does so beautifully, it
seeks common ground. »


« Change, to put it simply, sucks. Nobody wants to do it — not real change, not soul change, not the painful molecular change required to truly become who you need to be. Nobody ever does real transformation for fun. Nobody ever does it on a dare. You do it only when your back is so far against the wall that you have no choice anymore« .
Pella Thieil

Transition Network produced a beautiful, full-colour 96 page book, ‘21 Stories of Transition‘, telling the stories of 39 Transition groups in 15 countries and the remarkable things Transition groups are doing. You can read all the stories, and order your copy here.
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