Permaculture and Climate change adaptation

I am very pleased to announce the impending release of the first book to be produced under the ECOLISE banner, ‘Permaculture and Climate Change Adaptation: Inspiring Ecological, Social, Cultural and Economic Responses’. It draws on many ideas and examples from ecovillages and Transition, so represents a good cross-section of what we’re about. The main target audience is policy people and other edges of our networks – those likely to agree with our aims and methods and to be supportive of our work – though we’re hoping it will be an enjoyable read for people already involved in community-based action too. It’s available for pre-order (hard copies will ship from Friday) and digital download from Green Shopping. There’s a discount code for ECOLISE members and friends to get a 40% reduction on the sale price, which you’re welcome to circulate in your networks To use it enter GS-PCCA-6 at checkout on Green Shopping. We’ll have a few copies to give away at COP, and will give away more if money comes in; a digital version will also be available for free at some point but for now we need to sell a few to cover production costs and have the possibility to finance a reprint. If you’ve any ideas of how best to use this as a tool to promote permaculture and related approaches to a wider audience, or are interested in collaborating on translation, please let me know. Volume 2 in our ‘Community-Led Transformations’ series, a collection of articles on Transition and Resilience, is already written and should be out in the spring. Volume 3 is waiting to be imagined…

In solidarity, Tom

Dr. Thomas Henfrey

Senior Researcher and Learning Programmes Coordinator

Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems
Create Centre
Smeaton Road
Spike Island

Skype: plakopliko

Research Fellow on Grassroots Approaches to Climate Adaptation,
CCIAM, FFCUL, Lisbon University.

Member of ECOLISE Council:

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