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Supporting community-led responses to climate change
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building resilience and happiness.

Getting connected in different ways seems to be a thread in the stories in the newsletter this month. Firstly the website theme of « Making Space for Nature » has a range of interviews and articles, then our world round-up plus the Transition hubs get together. Several takes on the Climate March and some groud breaking news from Totnes. Plus news from training, books, film and events.

Transitioners’ Digest (September 2014)
We have been exploring the theme of « Making Space for Nature » from a wide range of different angles throughout September. We started with an editorial piece which argued that one of the key things that nature can bring our work doing Transition is a sense of wonder. Something to do with glowworms. An introduction to all the articles and interviews:
The September 2014 Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition
This month’s Roundup covers stories from July and August. Around the UK stories from Brixton, Cambridge, Chepstow, Chichester, Exeter, Harborough, Honiton, Ivybridge, Lancaster, Letchworth, Linlithgow, St Albans, Tooting, Totnes, Wilmslow. Plus there are Transition birthdays in places like Lewes, Crystal Palace, Bristol and Slaithwaite. Across Europe from Liege in Belgium, Hungary, Romania and Berlin, Bielefeld, Leipzig in Germany. In the US, Catskills, Missoula and Guelph in Canada.

Transition Hubs meeting 2014: a ‘lot’ to share
The international Transition Hubs meeting in Denmark was a fantastic few days, rich with connections, laughter, progress and good food. More will follow over the next few weeks, but for now, here is a short film about it.


Atmos Totnes Creates National Precedent
« I’ve waited seven years to write this article » writes Rob Hopkins. It’s been seven years of highs and lows, of moments of intense frustration and great elation, of patience and determination. « Very slowly,with a loud creaking of rusty hinges, the great iron gates of the factory began to swing open. The crowd became suddenly silent »

Hearing All The Voices to Make the New Story
Writing on the first day of the New Story Summit at Findhorn, Sophy Banks found an amazing, international group of human beings who are acting to create the New Story in their lives assembling.

Making Space for Flowers
“Did you grow all those yourself?”, a young woman asked Mark Watson last week at Transition Town Tooting’s 7th Foodival. “My only reference for that kind of thing are the supermarket shelves,” she said.

Reflections on the Peoples’ Climate March, London
This was a celebratory march. This was the resurgence of the climate movement. Back with a passion. Rob Hopkins reports on his experience of the march in London.

Love & other illusions: Framing at the People’s Climate March
Elena Blackmore wonders if by being a fairly apolitical event whether the march in London failed to really cal out our economic and political systems as the culprits.

Long-standing economic resistance went mainstream at People’s Climate March
While the People’s Climate March in New York uplifted a narrative around climate change that was impossible for even the most mainstream of media to ignore, the success will be determined in the weeks and months that follow it writes Kate Aronoff.

REconomy Project

Learning and outputs from the international REconomy hubs group
The national hubs working together on REconomy have each produced a 2-3 year plan, and learned a lot about how to support each other. Brazil, Germany, Mexico, Portugal, and the USA are now joining our group.

“It’s the economy, stupid” or “it’s stupid the economy”?
A young Transitionista’s perspective on the challenges faced by his generation, and what he’s doing about it.


Launch onLine begins again on October 8th, and Inner Transition workshops are happening in Copenhagen and London. Our full programme of trainings are here:


Free Range Child
Raising Children Connected To The Earth & Their Food (film sneak peek)

More film reviews here


This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. The Climate
Reviewed by Robert Jensen: Naomi Klein has written a brave book that not only confronts the calamity of climate destabilization but also examines the deep roots of the crisis in the perverse logic of capitalism and the dehumanizing values of the “extractivist” high-energy/high-technology world.


The Transition Network Roadshow
St Andrews, Scotland October 10th-11th
Two days of electrifying workshops, powerful meetings, and good company.

Global #MapJam
This October, the Sharing Cities Network will launch the Second Annual Global #MapJam to bring activists together in cities around the world to connect the dots and map: grassroots sharing projects, cooperatives, community resources, and the commons. Mapping all of the shared resources in your city not only shows that another world is possible–it shows it’s already here! #MapJam’s are easy to organize and a small, dedicated group of people can get together for a few hours to map as many shared resources, cooperatives and sharing services in their city or town as possible.

Powys Transition & Low Carbon Communities network present their first conference
8 November. Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth, Wales.
ZERO CARBON POWYS Rethinking the Future for our Rural Communities
We have everything we need to create a positive future. This will be an exciting day of keynote speakers, workshops, networking opportunities and much more. At the end of the day you will know much more about safe and reliable energy solutions for the future. The keynote speaker will be Zero Carbon Britain project leader PAUL ALLEN who will introduce the latest Zero Carbon Britain report by telling ‘the extraordinary story of human beings and energy’.
Tickets £5 incl. lunch, advanced booking essential, book here:
Live & Unleashed – New Forest 20 October
Rob Hopkins is visiting the New Forest to open a New Forest Transition exhibition and give a talk. The exhibition in Lyndhurst runs from 18 October – 23 November. Titled Live & Unleashed it is a celebration of how local people are working together for a better future by just doing stuff – and feeling all the better for it.


« The awesomeness of nature lies in the stories we tell each other, the aloe vera plant on your windowsill, the smell of your neighbour’s cooking or anywhere else you might choose to find it.  »  Hayley Spann

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