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Subject: Celebrate NOT Doing Stuff in the Transition Network August newsletter

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Although we are mostly kicking our shoes off this month, we still have some inspiration for you, such as why is it so important to celebrate what you do, plus news of Transition Training in India, and more.

The Power of NOT Doing Stuff

Our theme for August is about NOT doing stuff. All too often our default as activists is to do do do, and to give ourselves very little time to pause, reflect or celebrate. I remember once going to the leaving party of the head of a large green NGO. He had been in charge there for a long time, and I asked him « what are you most looking forward to about not working here any more? » « Not working 7 days a week » came the reply. All through his kids growing up, he’d been working seven days a week. Here at Transition Network, we say that’s not OK.

We try to model a different approach, one where we balance doing with being. One where it’s OK to take a breather and spend time with family, take off with a tent and a sleeping bag, or head to the beach with some sausages and the barbecue. One where your kids remember who you are and get to spend enjoyable time in your company. We feel that having a month of the year where this site takes a breather means that what we produce for the rest of the year is more grounded, better rested, and more focused. No-one reads stuff you post in August anyway.

So we’re off. Laptop off, mobile off. We’ll be back in September when our theme will be ‘Making Space for Nature’ which promises to be fascinating. See you then. Have a good break. We’ll leave you with this. Last August I wandered into a tent at a festival and saw Camille O’Sullivan singing the song she sings in this clip. A hairs on the back of the neck moment, awesome. Hoping that you get a few of those this summer.

The Transitioner’s Digest (July): Celebration
During July we set out to explore 5 questions: Why do you celebrate? Why is celebration important? What are the ingredients of good celebration? What is the wider context for celebration? What is the personal context for celebration?

Divest? Then what?
Rob Hopkins was shocked to discover that put crudely and at it’s worst, for the damage generated by every £1 million invested by some philanthropic organisations, £10,000 is put up to try and clean up that mess.

Learning to Celebrate Failure
Fiona Ward reflects on what to do when things don’t work out as expected despite our best attempts.

Creating a Culture of Celebration
Sophy Banks on how to create a culture of appreciation and celebration.

All our stories about Celebration:


Transition Network Strategy
In case you missed it last month, please take a look at what the Transition Network plans to focus on over the next three years and why.

Web Service Update
This is a brief update on where the web project is at the end of July 2014.

REconomy Project
How to transform you local economy in just 1 day.
We want community-led economic development, the kind that’s just, ecologically regenerative, inclusive and equitable. Easier said than done. Yet for the past 3 years, we’ve been doing something that seems to be working. It’s relatively cheap and easy to do. Jay Tompt reports on the Local Entrepreneur Forum.

Social Reporters

Urgency and the Long Game
Jay Tompt wonders what we can do faced with the growing cacophony of urgent calls.

More stories from the Social Reporters here:


Transition Free Press crew are now in full swing production for the next September issue. Don’t miss out and order yours today!

Fight to Save Grow Heathrow
News Editor Amy Hall reports on the eviction notice.


Empowering Tribal Communities
One of our intrepid roving Transition Trainers, May East, turns up in another unexpected location and helps build resilience with Tribal Communities in India.

Training and Events
Launch onLine begins again on October 8th, and Inner Transition workshops are happening in Copenhagen and London.
Our full programme of trainings are here:


Tales of Cli-fi
A genre of books and movies called « cli-fi », set in the wake of some kind of major climate disaster, has been creeping out of the fantasy and science fiction sections of bookstores and libraries and into the mainstream.


14-17 August. Wiltshire
A 500 participant only event designed for local abundance and global sustainability, where small is beautiful and shared experience is the fabric of community. Use the discount code OFFGRID10 when buying tickets here:

UK Permaculture Convergence
12-14 September. London
A diverse range of workshops, practical sessions, a visit to a very well established local permaculture LAND centre, project case studies, Diploma presentations, networking, exhibitions, woodland walks, games, adventure activities and lots, lots more!

Transition Network Roadshow:
Our Roadshows kicked off with two delicious days in Lancaster.

  • St Andrews, Scotland 10-11 October
  • Penwith, Cornwall Roadshow: 6-7 February 2015

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