The september 2012 Transition Network newsletter

The September 2012 Transition Network newsletter

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The Transition Network Newsletter

September 2012

Supporting community-led responses to climate change

and shrinking supplies of cheap energy,

building resilience and happiness.

September 2012 – Transition Network Newsletter

Building Resilience in Extraordinary Times
14-16th September + extras

The annual conference is almost upon us and really does look set to be the best ever. Although the Thrive Training is now fully booked, there is a great deal more going on. Rob Hopkins has been busy teasing out previews of what will be going on with a series of podcasts – 14 so far and still counting!

They include:

Charlotte Du Cann on social reporting and the launch of Transition Free Press
Transition Free Press – a newspaper about the transition from a world we don’t want to one we do want. Transition Free Press – a quarterly publication by Transitioners for Transitioners. Transition Free Press – news, sport, features and comment with edge and attitude. Come and join us for a summer herbal refresher and launch party at 7.15pm in the Octagonal Hall on the first evening of conference. Pick up your copy at the conference. Check out our launch edition here

One of the key workshops at the conference will be ‘The Potential of Localism to Unlock Transition’, which will explore the new tools now available to communities due to the localism agenda and what could be done with them.

One of Saturday’s workshops is called ‘Bringing power to the people’, and it looks at community energy companies and their potential.

Is Peak Oil Dead? asks Chris Vernon one of the editors of the very popular Oil Drum website

‘Turning local food initiatives into social enterprises’ will be presented by Julie Brown of Growing Communities in Hackney, Josiah Meldrum of Farmshare CSA in Norwich and Jon Walker from the Green Valley Grocer in Slaithwaite.

The Youth Symposium takes place on the Friday before the main conference (an event you can also follow on Facebook), is presented by Isabel Carlisle, as well as a workshop on the Saturday looking at the ‘One Year in
Transition’, the Transition Learning Journey.

How to make happy, healthy human culture’ led by Sophy Banks, one of the originators of Transition Training.

In the 4.30pm workshop slot on Saturday at the 2012 Transition Network conference is a session which brings together three leading social entrepreneurs, who will talk about their work outside the world of Transition, bringing different models, passion, enthusiasm and insights you may not previously have encountered. they are Lily Lapena of MyBnk, Ken Banks of and Junior Smart of the St Giles Trust (SOS Project). Find out more about them here:

On the first day of the main conference Shane Hughes and Fiona Ward will be presenting a workshop about the REconomy project.

Creating a new economy for Transition Town Anywhere (and the mystery of the 384 small blackboards).

One of the highlights will be the Transition Cabaret on the Saturday night. It will feature James Marriott of Platform, actor and performer Ben Mellor, the social arts project In Your Own Skin with live vocals from Juliette Russell, performer poet Kate Tempest, live music and dancing from Holly Molly and the Crackers, as well as other treats yet to be confirmed. It will all be hosted by the “not only funny, but tender and true” (The Guardian) Matt Harvey.

On the Monday following the 2012 Transition Network conference, Hal Gillmore of Big Green Canoe will be leading ‘The Brixton/Belsize Tour’, which visits those two London Transition initiatives. You’ll experience the Brixton Pound (arguably the coolest bank notes in circulation, anywhere), the Remakery (formerly Brixton Reuse Centre), Community Draught Busters and Brixton Energy, as well as a range of Belsize Transition happenings, including some great urban permaculture plots, such as a food garden in the carpark of a Premiere Inn. You will need a Zone 1 and 2 Travel Card, and the whole thing is being run on a donations basis. A fantastic and inspiring way to wind down after the conference.

Read and listen to all the interviews here:

Not forgetting the venue itself which is looking forward to welcoming us back to BAC (sorry!) Artistic Director at BAC David Micklem was interviewed by Rob who asked him about how the 2009’s Transition Network conference had impacted on BAC, and his hopes for this year.

Hopefully that will wet your appetite to come along to the conference – full details here:

Reporting From The Conference
The wonderful Social Reporters will be reporting from the conference as well as reflecting afterwards. Their content will be uploaded to the Social Reporters/Stories section of the TN website using the tag tnconf2012 in their posts. Likewise on Twitter the hashtag is #tnconf2012.


July/August Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition

Reflections on my REconomy Roadtrip – big challenges and big possibilities
Fiona Ward, Project Manager with the REconomy project recently visited a range of Transition initiatives to find out how their work creating a new economy for their community is going. ‘Road trip’ sounds better, but it was of course a rail trip, taking in 10 places over 1,500 miles in 22 train legs in 11 days. Fiona reflects on her journey:

What exactly do Inner Transition Groups Do?
In March 2012 we ran a survey of Inner Transition asking questions like – “What is Inner Transition for? What does it do? What kind of events have worked? Who gets involved? How does it make a difference?” here is an overview of what came back:



Connected parenting course and kids go wild in the woods
Striking a balance between nurturing a child and trying to take some responsibility for the world they will inherit.

Postcard from a London cyclist

Postcard from Sheffield
‘Staycationing’ in Sheffield getting in the first harvest from the Sheffield Organic Growers.

Postcard from the Edge of Democracy
The ‘No to Costa’ campaign finds that while all politics is local not all local politics is democratic.

The Bountiful Barter
You don’t know how great this sort of trading feels until you’re doing it!

Postcards from My Food Growing Journey
This year I realised something amazing. If you plant seedlings outside in the soil and it rains all summer, even if you give up completely, plants will grow and grow.

Noughty but Nice and Keeping Refreshed at Happy Mondays:

Postcard from the woods – uncivilisaton festival
A glimpse of what the future might feel like once we shed our conditioning, and start to tell our stories around the fire and let the trees in.


Can We Educate Education?
By the age of four a number of children could give their future teachers a lecture on sustainable living. But they don’t….

Back to school? Not this Time!
It is my intention to stay away from the classroom and to develop a much more physical relationship with nature.

We Don’t Need No Education
We are taught that control of the mind is always more important than real-life experience.

Do We Need to be Educated in Personal Resilience?


When the left hand knows what the right hand is doing
The tool I know however like the back of my hand is Street-by-street behaviour change, which we called Transition Circles.

Involving the Council
One of the Transition Ingredients from the Connecting stage is called ‘Involving the Council’ which often ends up about being about the relationship with people.

Transition stories

The Awesome Power of Water

How do We Make Planning Fun?
The lack of interest from all of us is the problem.

Small Bouncy Lights in Dark Times:
My 50 year old self unable to resist a bounce on the trampoline in her garden. But obviously not unobtrusively enough.


Transition Camp
5-7th October. Sussex
A packed weekend of talks, workshops, stories, open fires, fun and so much more.

Seed Freedom Fortnight of Action 2-16th October
From 2nd October (Gandhi’s Birth Anniversary), to 16th October (World Food Day) the Global Alliance for Seed Freedom is planning intensive actions to create a global citizens’ response on the issue of Seed Freedom that we hope will act as a wake up call for citizens and governments.

Energising and Empowering Communities Through Collaborative Research
3rd October Kingston upon Thames
The third open meeting of the Transition Research Network, on community energy. Attendance is free and open to all, and ESMW can reimburse travel and accommodation expenses.

Our Energy Future
20th October. Somerset
Hear about progress in the field by community and regional initiatives that are helping people to realise renewable energy options right now.

~ SuperHome Open days – around the UK
~ The Big Dig Edible Gardens Open Days – around the UK
and more

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