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Published on May 4, 2012 by Mike Grenville


April Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition
Tales from Spain, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand, and around the UK in Buxton, Totnes, Exmouth, Clitheroe, London, Shrewsbury, Taunton, Marlborough, Worthing,

April Round-up – US Edition

The April Podcast
A Resilience Festival, some Warmer Homes, and turning carparks into food gardens! In this month’s Transition podcast, we go into more depth with three of the stories from this month’s Transition round-up. We hear about Transition Guelph’s recent ‘Resilience Festival’, what Marsden and Slaithwaite Transition Towns did with their LEAF funding, and what happened when Transition Belper suggested turning a local car park into a vegetable garden.

‘In Transition 2.0’ reviewed
by Charlotte Du Cann for STIR magazine

‘Peak Money and Economic Resilience’

Transition Network hosted a one-day conversation in London to explore the scale of the economic challenges we are facing, what Transition is already doing to respond to that, and what else it might do, or how it might adapt what it does to be more appropriate to these fast-changing times.

Reflections on the First Spanish Transition Conference
150 people from across Spain gathered in Zarzalejo for the country’s first Transition gathering.

Rolling Out Transition Streets
In a few weeks a whole supported Transition Streets programme will be coming out whereby you will be able to run it in your community.

The Lewes Pound Spring Cashback
Putting a spring into local shopping at selected shops in Lewes you’ll be given « free » Lewes Pounds when you spend over a minimum amount.


Call for more Social Reporters – in the UK and Internationally
It has been a whirlwind eight months since the Social Reporting blog began and many wonderful stories and insights have been shared through its pages. All things evolve as they grow and we are now looking for more regular contributors from Transition Initiatives across the UK to tell their initiatives’ stories once or twice a month. We are also thinking of having regular International Weeks, where initiatives from outside the UK can tell their stories, so we are also looking for regular international contributors to write every couple of months or so. It is a great project to be involved in, to be able to give your initiative a voice and to share your learnings (and frustrations!) with the rest of the Transition Community. If you would like to find out more about getting involved then you can email or you can express your interest in joining us by filling out this short survey:
Kerry Lane


The Moneyless Man
Living without money. The cultural story that is money has such a powerful hold on our minds today that we have come to believe that we could not possibly ever live without it.

Living Without (much) Money
My father was a war pensioner and as a family we lived in the expectation of the « 20th » of the month when the brown envelope came, addressed to Captain Marriott.

It is Better to Travel Joyfully Than to Arrive!
Living without money is easy. All you have too do is to stop living in a house and using a car and you’re almost there.

Free as a Bird
« It doesn’t cost anything, » I tell him. « It’s free. » That’s the rub about our culture. Everything comes at a price.


Meat and the Environment
Human farming of other animals is in the top three causes of all major anthropogenic environmental problems, from local water pollution to global climate change.

The Localised Vegan
Further reflections on Meat, a Benign Extravagance

Ask the Fellows Who Grow the Beans
« Leaves are easy, » Josiah tells me. « It’s the staples we need to look at. » the big stuff – our daily bread.

The Sausage Supper
Growing shining children by making food growing sexy


Spreading the Word
Inspired by In Transition 2.0? Learn about DIY media-making

Aw, Sorry, Didn’t Get Round to That!
It has taken quite a few years before I stopped overcommitting myself.


Transition Emerges When We Seek It
When something is Transition it feels different – it just feels good and right, enriching and energising.

Rebel Without a Clue
When it descended into a shouting match I surprised myself by agreeing to chair a public meeting

Transition-Anywhere-You-Find-People. Even here!
The links and exchanges between city, market town and isolated rural area are important.


Don’t Blame Us, We’re Only The Council!
Where are we when it comes to the stories we tell about our councils and how we relate to them?

Just Do It!
The power of an Incredible Edible name. Would some working groups fare better with separate identities?


No Place(s) Like Home
What is it to make oneself at home, within a community of living beings, as if one belonged?

Being Here
Nothing will change outwardly unless we come from affection for the places we live in.


Toads Talk Transport – 2012
This year in Norfolk, more people helped more toads, in more places than ever before

Norwich Farmshare and Social Justice
In Norwich Foodbank (who emergency give food to families in crisis) fed 1,760 families in the last 6 months.

Powaqqatsi or Breaking the Spell
The story we are taught to believe in is the story of power.

What is the Value of Money?
How do you actually go about living without money, or at least with very little of it?

Conquering Alexanders
Alexanders are everywhere you look at the moment… only it’s difficult to find that many people who like the taste.


Turn the Lights Out
Those of you who have seen ‘In Transition 2.0‘ will have noticed the song that closes the film, ‘Turn the Lights Out’ by Rebecca Mayes, which was composed especially for the film. The song will be released as a single on May 7th, and proceeds will go to Transition Network. There is a video, which features some of the clips you sent in of people turning lights out, and a short cameo from someone you might recognise.

‘My Town in Transition’
Rob Hopkins talk at TedxExeter where he spoke for the first time in detail about Totnes as a case study, and what, after 6 years, we can draw from the experience of Transition Town Totnes.

International Permaculture Day – Sunday 6th May
The first ever international day of Permaculture will have events happening all around the globe plus heaps of short video interviews online with leading permaculturalists including Richard Heinberg, Rob Hopkins, Mark Lakeman (City Repair), Charles Eisenstein, Joel Salatin (farmer), Looby Macnamara (new book ‘People and Permaculture‘) and many more.

97% Owned
A new documentary that reveals how money is at the root of our current social and economic crisis. It shows how the power to create money is the piece of the puzzle that economists were missing when they failed to predict the crisis. This 60 min documentary is the first to tackle this issue from a UK-perspective, and can be watched free online:


Film project : the Lot in Transition « Transilience »

More projects


London Green Fair 9-10th June, Regent’s Park London

Announcing the Festival of Transition – 20th June
We are delighted to be able to announce today the Festival of Transition, an initiative of new economics foundation, Transition Network, the Ramblers, the arts charity Mission Models Money and the UK Youth Climate Coalition. The idea is simple. You imagine different ways in which a post-transition society might also be a better one, and then try them out as a real-life experiment during a 24 hour period.

Ecology, Scarcity and The Gift Economy
Course at Schumaker College 15-19 July
with Charles Eisenstein and Toni Spencer

The 2012 Transition Network conference
14-16th September, Battersea Arts Centre in London

More events here


Transition THRIVE course – the training for people in established Transition groups
When: weekend of 16-17 June (9:30am-6:00pm on both days)
Where: Birdwood House, in the heart of Totnes
Trainers: Naresh Giangrande (Transition Totnes and Transition Network training’s co-founder) and Jenny Mackewn (Senior lecturer at Bath University and member of Transition Bath)
Costs: We are trying out a new financing model for the Thrive Training, inspired by the « Gift Economy » and Transition Portugal. So all we ask for is a payment of £40 prior to the course. The actual full costs of the training weekend is £105, but we leave it up to each participant to decide after the course, if and how much they want to contribute to this course as a way of gratitude and support of its continuity in the future.
Contact: If you’d like to book a place, have any questions or bursary enquiries or can’t make April but would like to do the next Thrive training contact
Want to know more about « Transition THRIVE » and if it is you? Click here for more info.

And Finally….
Does Transition mean firmer buttocks?

« Only when we name mass damage and destruction as ecocide can we start addressing the problem at the heart and start finding out what the solutions are. Everyone needs to make earth their business. »
Polly Higgins

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