Video climate dots 5 Mai ( en englais)

It was sent to us by Stephen, a volunteer 350 activist who made the video in his spare time. Clocking in at only two minutes, it’s a concise and potent reminder of why people everywhere are joining the international day of action to Connect the Dots on 5/5/12.
Here at, we try to inject hope, and lightness into our work wherever possible (this whole climate change issue can get pretty grim otherwise). While Stephen’s video might not be quite as fun and upbeat as many of the videos we have made before, the message is vitally important — take a couple minutes to watch it now:
The video sums up our two goals for 5/5/12.
For those of us who are already on the front lines of climate change’s worst impacts, we want you to know that you are not alone — in fact, you are joined by a global movement that in many ways is stronger than ever.
For those of us who have not yet felt the harsh impacts of climate change, the video is a gripping wake-up call — and a chance to reflect on the urgent need to stop this global disaster in motion. It’s abundantly clear that we’re on a path that is incompatible with a sustainable future, and the first step to changing that path is to connect the dots.

Please take two minutes to watch the video, and then take a moment to share it on Facebook, Twitter, and everywhere else. Just pass along this link:

Stephen’s video reminded me of the creativity and passion in the network — and I can’t wait to see it on display on 5/5/12, when people all around the world Connect the Dots.

Please join us:

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