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Transition Network June 2011 newsletter


~ May Transition World Round-up
~ US Edition – May Transition World Round-up
~ Draught-Busting Workshops
~ Bicycles for community building
~ Transitioner selected for Yellow Pages cover
~ Transition Network Diversity Newsletter May 2011
~ Social Reporting Pilot Call To Action
~ An update on ‘In Transition 2.0’ the film
~ UK Allotment Waiting Lists 2011 Report
~ Free Trees For Communities
~ No More Need to Talk to Talk About Peak Oil?
~ Transition and Activism
~ Transition and Entertainment
~ When Is a Meeting Not a Meeting?
~ Toads Talk Transport
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Why should you come to the 2011 Transition Network conference?

Imagine immersing yourself for 3 days in the latest thinking on Transition, hearing from the most ground-breaking projects, going deeper into what it’s all about, putting faces to names you only know from reading them online, meeting hundreds of other Transitioners from all over, and going home revitalised, refocused and refreshed.

There will be 3 sessions of workshops, 10 in each. The workshops are also, of course, only a small part of the overall programme. There will also be many opportunities to meet other Transitioners and find out what they are up to, including the chance to meet in theme groups, so you can, for example, connect with all those who share your passion for local energy, food or education. There will be some large group activities, which were, for many, the highlight of last year’s conference.

Also, this year we are trying a different approach, substituting Open Space, which has been a focal point for each of our previous conferences, with the Fishbowl technique, which will allow a much deeper exploration of some of the more charged and pertinent issues that you bring to the conference.

Please book accommodation and meals as soon as possible as we have to give final numbers to the venue around two weeks before the Conference. There are still plenty of concession spaces left. If you need one, please contact us at

Here is more of what is being planned:


May Transition World Round-up
We start with a bio-waste project Kinsale in Ireland which was the first ever Transition Town in the world; Marlow’s project to get 100 homes fitted with solar panels is on target; Bridport in Dorset joined forces with a local school and helped them grow their own vegetables, plus many more here:

US Edition – May Transition World Round-up
In Texas, Transition Houston held their 5th Permablitz
In Colorado, volunteers from Grow Local Colorado (a project of Transition Denver converged on the Colorado State Governor’s lawn
In Minnesota, Transition Northfield celebrated their annual Earth Day Celebration indoors with music and treats and learned how to install a rain barrel

Draught-Busting Workshops
In North London Transition Belsize Draught Busting workshops are helping the community stay warm, save money and tackling fuel poverty.

Bicycles for Community Building
A project exploring all the ways bicycles can be used in our lives in transition has built a facility for bicycle maintenance, repair, and building special bicycles.

Transitioner selected for Yellow Pages cover
Big cheer for Sandra Murray, founder of Transition Launceston in Tasmania, for being on this year’s cover of their local Yellow pages. The theme for the book cover this year is « Australians creating a better future ».

Transition Network Diversity Newsletter May 2011
Includes Launch of Transition Network Diversity Sub-Site; Celebrating Heroes with the Brixton Pound; Research on Diversity and Inclusion in Durham and more:


Social Reporting Pilot Call To Action
Calling all writers, photographers citizen journalists, community blog editors and everyone who has a story to tell. This September we’re launching an innovative and ambitious Social Reporting project that sets out to explore and communicate the different issues and experiences of being in Transition. And we’re looking for 12 correspondents in the UK to tell their initiatives’ story from the front-line, on line, over a three month period between August and December 2011.

An update on ‘In Transition 2.0’ – the film
The ‘In Transition 2.0′ team have had a sneak preview of Rob’s now-complete manuscript and meetings are well underway to co-ordinate this huge film effort. We’ve heard from filmmakers and Transitioners in Argentina, Australia, California, Canada, France, Isle of Man, New York, New Zealand, Portugal, Scotland, and Spain.

UK Allotment Waiting Lists 2011 Report
Transition West Kirby have just finished their annual survey of allotment waiting lists across the country. The report demonstrates that demand for allotments remains high, and there seems to have been little increase in supply – the number of plots in new allotment sites brought into use by local authorities in the last year represents only about 1% of the number of people on local authority waiting lists.

Free Trees For Communities
The Woodland Trust is offering free trees for communities to plant in their neighbourhoods in order to double the number of native trees in the UK.


No More Need to Talk to Talk About Peak Oil?
Has everybody has now heard so much about climate change, peak oil and sustainability that there is nobody left who can genuinely call themselves undecided?

Transition and Activism
Charlotte Du Cann from Transition Norwich and Bungay agreed to write us an article ‘Transition and activism’. She sees it as a working document, designed to inspire conversation, and it’s certainly done that. The question is if Transition embraced activism “as a dynamic force within the whole pattern of Transition ” as Charlotte writes would it be strengthened or, as Rob Hopkins has replied, would it in fact it do just the opposite? Join the discussion here

Transition and Entertainment
What does a resilient entertainment industry look like?

When Is a Meeting Not a Meeting?
Once upon a time in a small artist’s studio three people who live in the north of Norwich were sitting round a table trying to work out what to do. They loved Transition Norwich, and they loved where they lived, but no one came to their meetings. After half an hour wondering they came up with the only legal answer: A PARTY!!

Toads Talk Transport
One wet night in February I picked up a large, old female toad on her way to the pond and she asked me why there were so many more cars going through the village now.


Quaker and Transition conference: 24 – 26th June, Birmingham
Real Farm Festival: 17-19th June, near Stevenage
Building Community in the Long Emergency: 27 June – 2nd July, Schumacher College
London Permaculture Festival – 16th July
The Green Gathering 28th July – 1st August
Uncivilization: The Dark Mountain Festival 19-21st August
Economics for Transition -a masters degree course – September
‘On The Money’: Currency Design Workshop at Findhorn – September, Schumacher College

These and many more here:

The triple crunch won’t be pretty. ATMs freeze up, the planet warms up and the lights go out. [However] the prevailing belief is that the global economy had a narrow escape in late 2008 but has emerged pretty much unscathed. Job done. Time to go back to sleep. Only wake us again if there is another chance that the banks might run out of money.
Larry Elliott, The Guardian 1st June 2011

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