Rappel: Lundi 15 juin: Gouvernance Partagé avec Guillaume Dorvaux ( en anglais)

Nicola Hillary

17:19 (il y a 4 heures)

Dear Municipalities in Transition community of practice, A reminder of the focus discussion webinar next Monday 15th June!  Shared Governance by Université du Nous, with Guillaume Dorvaux.  Université du Nous were a massive help to Transition Network in our shift to shared governance as an organisation.  Some of the benefits we’ve felt include greater clarity around decision-making – what did we decide, who made the decision, and why them?  There are also benefits of navigating the complex territory of working with other people on a shared purpose – being able to take personal initiative and leadership in clear roles, while sharing equal voices and power when collaboration and collective resolve is needed. In the Municipalities in Transition project we believe that shared governance (such as Sociocracy 3.0) is a crucial way to help build team-work and start equalling power relations if a group of municipal officials and politicians and community group members is being brought together to work on systemic change for sustainability. I know from my own experience how it takes time to understand, experience and practice, so I encourage you to join this discussion on Monday to either start or continue learning and understanding about shared governance, and to be able to discuss it with others and ask questions. Monday 15th June 2020  16.30 – 18.30 CEST  Your time zone hereZoom link:  Some short videos you can watch ahead of the session, but don’t worry if you don’t have the time – 1 or 2 will be shown during the webinar:-> Relationship with power (6 minutes)-> Path and result  (3 minutes)-> Philosophy of consent  (11 minutes)-> Pitfalls, limits and received ideas on shared governance.  (8 minutes) Look forward to it!

Best wishes, Nicola

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