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Dear Friends and Colleagues,
The message that energy transitions help build modern economies and improve air quality and living standards is not a new one to our readers. The energy-saving potential is much greater in inefficient economies with few incentives to reduce fossil fuel consumption. In this issue, we take a special look at Ukraine, a country where awareness around climate change and sustainability is still developing. We find that with the necessary incentives Ukraine would be able to increase its share of renewables in final energy consumption to 91 percent, and reduce its total energy consumption by 27 percent by 2050. This would also result in a more efficient economy, which at the moment still consumes 3-4 times more energy than the EU average for every unit of GDP. Here, Oleh Savytskyi and Oksana Aliieva ask whether the energy transition in Ukraine is a mission impossible.
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Mexico’s Ministry of Finance is the missing piece of the low carbon puzzle

Mexico has some of the world’s most favorable conditions for the transition to renewable energy. And yet it is struggling with a lack of commitment from policymakers, without whom it can’t be a world leader in the low-carbon economy. Dileimy Orozco takes a look the political puzzle. Read more…

Puerto Rico disaster opens the door to distributed energy

Localized energy systems are more resilient than a traditional grid, and offer solutions to power outages around the world. Ben Paulos takes a look at microgrids, minigrids, and how Puerto Rico could get to 100% renewable energy. Read more…

Offshore wind projects breathe life into struggling UK ports

Life in Grimsby, England has changed since the boom in offshore wind power in the UK. Government efforts to drive down the price of the technology and cut the country’s climate pollution have also helped out depressed communities, Chris Bentley reports. Read more…

Can nuclear and renewables coexist?

Ramping – when power plants adjust their output according to market needs – is crucial in an energy system that includes renewables. So can nuclear reactors ramp enough to accommodate significant shares of wind and solar? Craig Morris takes a look. Read more…

Energy transition in Ukraine: mission impossible?

The transition of the energy sector towards clean and safe renewable energy sources will allow Ukraine to build a new strong economy and break out of socio-economic decline, argue Oleh Savytskyi and Oksana Aliieva. It’s time for Ukraine to embrace renewables to combat global climate change, and enhance security and welfare. Read more…

India’s energy transition: potential and prospects

Touted as the world’s third largest emitter of greenhouse gas, India is steadily on its way to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The targets that the country has set itself are closer to being achieved and even surpassed. Sadia Sohail explains the newest study on India’s energy policy. Read more…

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