Ecocide Law: he next phase – launching NOW! Mission LifeForce goes live

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The next phase – launching NOW! Mission LifeForce goes live

Pyramid of Governance

For years now, the question I have been asked most often about taking forward ecocide law is « What can I do to help? »

At last, I have an answer, and it is going live as I write. I’ve had a small independent team working with me on this for 18 months, and it’s finally launching. Going beyond crowdfunding or petitions, this is a mission that shall take all those who care into uncharted and exciting territory.

The short animation and video below (just 2.5 mins each) will tell you all you need to know, after which you can go to and accept the mission – and share it everywhere…

This is Mission LifeForce.  Our mission has begun.

MLF animation
MLF oficial teaser trailer
MLF homepage

You’re receiving this because you are a trustee of planet Earth.

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