What’s new in the permaculture network? august2017

What’s new in the permaculture network.

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Plant functions in the permaculture garden « Most of the plants I use are edible and/or medicinal but they fulfil other functions, too. »

The Concrete Garden – Land is Freedom! A call to reclaim our cities « It’s a place where you can sit and have tea and chat with the neighbour you would never have met otherwise. »

Celebrate community-led action on sustainability and climate change!

European Day Sustainable Communities logo

All those involved in local, community-led action on climate change and sustainability are invited to join in celebrating the first European Day of Sustainable Communities on 23 September 2017.

How? By organising an event to showcase your work.

It would be fantastic for the day to reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the community-led movement!

Take part & register an event (it doesn’t have to be huge or elaborate)!

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