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Lots of positive news to share this week, so let’s jump right in…

Fish and Chips: Fishermen can manage wild ocean fish stocks to be sustainable. Want proof? How about this: “Stocks of cod in the North Sea were once one of the world’s great fisheries but plummeted by 84% between the early 1970s and 2006. They came perilously close to the total collapse seen in the Grand Banks fishery off Canada in the early 1990s, which has still not recovered. But action to decommission fishing boats, ban catches in nursery areas and put larger holes in nets to allow young cod to escape has seen the stock rise fourfold since 2006.” Thoughtful policy and action does have an effect, and some of the damage we’ve done out of ignorance or greed can (thankfully) be reversed.

Great Scot(land)! Two interesting developments this week: “New figures show that wind produced enough power to meet, on average, the electrical needs of 124 percent of Scottish homes between January and June of this year.” And if that wasn’t enough: “the world’s first floating wind farm has begun to produce power in Scotland. If the technology becomes cheaper, which developer Statoil says is only a matter of time, it will open up parts of the ocean previously considered too deep for stationary turbines.

Simple and beautiful: I came across this short collection called, “Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals for Changing the World.” Just beautiful – no commentary needed :)

A Public Good: With so many governments in the world moving to privatize resources and assets that in some sense belong to humanity as a whole, I was encouraged by this recent move in Chile: “Chile set aside 11 million acres of land for national parks aided by the largest private land donation from a private entity to a country. The conservation effort of the Tompkins Foundation helped pave the way for Chile to greatly expand its conservation of the pristine Patagonia wilderness.” Incredible story demonstrating the type of results that could emerge from private / public cooperation.

In case you missed it: A few pieces of interest this week from our sister site, the non-profit Permaculture Research Institute, ably curated by PRI’s editor, Jason Freibergs (thank you, Jason!):

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