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Unlikely Boom: Natural fertilizer from waste streams can be a new growth industry in a sustainability-minded world. One example from a young 22-year old environmental entrepreneur from Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly district – fully detailed here.

Energy on Demand? Here is new device that claims to loop energy around a chemical reaction that produces surplus heat, oxygen and hydrogen while producing electricity. Fact or fiction – time will tell. Something to keep an eye on in the next year or two.

Poor Monsanto: We all despise Monsanto, but as the author of this piece from Modern Farmer asks: “In recent years, no company has been more associated with evil than Monsanto. But why?” This piece is a few years old, but because it asks an interesting question and is well-written, I thought it deserved to be highlighted here. In-depth, well-researched, and a well-argued piece that is worth a read.

Designing for Grief: Design thinking is at the heart of permaculture, so I absolutely love seeing it being applied to areas outside of permaculture. Here is one innovative roll-out: “Awaiting devastating news of a loved one in a hospital is harrowing for family members. The Design & Dignity Programme is creating comfortable, homey spaces in the wards to soften the experience.Details on the work and the thinking behind the effort explained here.

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