Critères pour Transition Hubs et Hubs émergents

As you certainly remember, we have agreed the criteria for Transition Hubs and Emerging Hubs in an open collaborative process – the “What is a Hub?” paper proposed by the Organisational Co-design Working Group was agreed by the hubs group on 12 December 2016.

Now is time for the self-assessment process that will help us apply the decisions we have made: You are invited to complete a  self-assessment using the form I send you in attachment. After you fill in all your answers please save it under a different name and send it to me.

Please send me the completed form, or confirmation by when you can send it, before 10 May.

What’s next?
As the completed forms come in, the Organizational Co-Design Working Group (OCD) will look at them and review your status. Then, we will confirm if you are a Transition Hub or an Emerging Hub or ask you for more information to help the process.

We hope that, at the end of this process, we will have clarity regarding the status of the Hubs and a new process held by the Hubs Group will supersede the MoUs with Transition Network (TN).

As part of the OCD working group who is holding the decision-making on this, the group coordinating the process is Nenad (Croatia), Steve (Sweden) and I – we will be the ones in contact with you and more directly supporting you.

Let us tell you that we are taking this process one step at the time: if you have any concerns about it, or questions, talk to us! We are happy to talk to you about these concerns or about any questions you might have.

Hugs to you all

Filipa, Nenad and Steve

le processus expliqué en français par Corinne le

l’exemplaire en anglais




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