Transition earthquakes, volcanoes, politics, films & more


Transition earthquakes, volcanoes, politics, films & more
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A movement of communities
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In this newsletter we find Tomorrow is now today in the UK, we publish a guide to doing Transition in your Uni. News of coming together after Italian earthquakes and enough movement building in America Latina to stir an earthquake.Tanya asks for help as to whether to stand for election in Denmark and in Brussels a European gathering breathes new life into the Commons. Rob reflects on the gulf between the kind of poise and clarity at Standing Rock and what we see elsewhere in the world of politics, plus what did we learn from Punk and making beer from bread.Our ‘Essential Guide to Doing Transition’ is now available in Spanish and we review a wonderful new French film about Transition.

demain posterThe Film ‘Tomorrow’ (‘Demain’)
available at last in the UK!

We’ve reported previously about the phenomenal impact of the film Tomorrow (Demain) in France, Belgium and the other 30 countries in which it has so far been released. We’re delighted to announce that Transition Network has negotiated the rights to distribute the film in the UK.

Everything you need to know about the UK community-led rollout of the film is here:
uni guideIntroducing our new
‘Transition Universities Guide’

Maria Cooper introduces the newest Transition Network publication: A Guide to doing Transition in your University or College.


Emerging in the Emergency

Deborah Rim Moiso reports on a gathering of Transitioners and other to train, reflect and design following the recent earthquakes in Italy.

Movement Building in America Latina

Naresh Giangrande reports on the paradox of Transition coming from the ultimate colonial (although waning) power of Great Britain.  « Instead of some new way to exploit, I am bringing Transition; the call to relocalise and create radical self determination. »
In the Shadow of the Volcano: Transition in Pucón and Villarrica
Naresh Giangrande reports from his last training in America Latina, on Transition in 2 neighbouring towns, and awakens a volcano (possibly).



Should Tanja Run for Election?
Danish Transitioner Tanja Aertebjerg is thinking of going into politics. Should she? She’d love to know what you think.
water banner
The day Theresa May visited Standing Rock

How different would the world be if the grace and poise shown at Standing Rock were to influence our wider political culture? Very different.
Transition and the Commons:
Freeing Our Imaginations

Isabel Carlisle reports from the European Commons Assembly in Brussels; a gathering of people from all over Europe and beyond who are stepping forward to make visible, manage and protect the resources that we as citizens hold in common.
Is Being “punk as f*ck” Really Where It’s At?
Rob Hopkins offers a Transition take on a recent blog by Sam Bliss, Aaron Vansintjan called ‘Degrowth Is Punk as F*ck‘.


Beer Made From Bread? The story of Toast.

We talk to Rob Wilson, and hear the story of ‘Toast’, a social enterprise turning waste bread into beer.

SUPPORT Activity of the Month:

The Essential Guide to Doing Transition (English & Spanish!)

The English language ‘Essential Guide to Doing Transition’ has just been joined by a Spanish version, with other languages to follow.


film banner
‘Qu’est-ce qu’on attend?‘ (‘What are we waiting for?’)

Marie-Monique Robin’s wonderful new film about Transition in the village of Ungersheim, a village in the Alsace in north-eastern France.

Transition Network produced a beautiful, full-colour 96 page book, ‘21 Stories of Transition‘, telling the stories of 39 Transition groups in 15 countries and the remarkable things Transition groups are doing. You can read all the stories, and order your copy here.
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