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We arrived at Petra/Wadi Rum area late last night. Yes, this is the same Wadi Rum that Matt Damon’s The Martian was filmed at last year. At least a dozen others filmed here as well.

Oh yeah, also home to countless number of human cultures since prehistoric times :)

We’re doing some filming and photography about the ancient water systems near Wadi Rum with filmmaker Nawras Abu Saleh, whose films have been screened at Cannes, and whose feature-length movie, Oversized Coat, has been well-received.

Look for some fantastic visuals soon. Until then, enjoy these.

With no further ado, let’s jump right in…

Blue is the new green: Until recently, turbines and power generation meant wind power. In Scotland, plans are underway to put the blades underwater and deliver the resultant electricity to the country’s power grid. Other innovative approaches are in play, including this ocean thermal system being deployed in Hawaii. All efforts are in their infancy, but if efficiency and scale can be achieved, the possibilities are endless.

German engineering: The country that invented the modern internal combustion engine is getting set to, hopefully, finish it off. In an effort to ban all vehicles that are not zero-emission by 2030, the Bundesrat has passed a resolution that many hope will lead the way for the EU. The fact that Germany is home to the world’s fourth-largest auto industry makes this initial move a cause for optimism.

Digging our graves with our forks: Food has traditionally been a source of vibrancy, wellness, and health. The modern food industry has turned all of that on it’s head. Sadly, for many, the equation seems to be: More food = less nutrition. We have to « pay, » but it’s our choice who we choose to pay: the doctor, the farmer, or…learn permaculture design and bring to life an abundant garden to supply your family / community with much of its nutritional needs. This is the best (only?) way to feed the world without destroying it.

Big food wins again? As is his wont, Michael Pollan turns his eloquent pen on Obama’s failure to take on corporate agriculture in this recent piece from the New York Times Magazine. In the same issue is an incredible photo and video collage by George Steinmetz called « Super Size: The Dizzying Grandeur of 21st Century Agriculture. » Both are absolutely worth a read / view.

In case you missed it: An extensive two-part exploration of urban agriculture by the always-thorough Angelo Eliades. The first part looks at the historical context of urban agriculture, and the second looks at productivity, potential, and future possibilities. A third piece gives an overview of using Google Docs or Excel for successional planting. If you enjoy these posts from our sister site, the non-profit Permaculture Research Institute, be sure to bookmark the site as several new articles go up weekly, or check out thousands of other past articles, here.

That’s it for the Friday Five – short and sweet as promised.

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PS: Many of you have been asking about coming to Zaytuna Farm for a PDC, internship, extended holiday, and the like. Good news: Australia is introducing four new work visas beginning next month. And again here. I’ll be saying more early next year about some fun things we have brewing at the farm, and for those who want to join us, how to do so.

Stay tuned…

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