Slow Tour project: Hearts are full of greetings from Francesca, Rodolfo and Inti!

Hearts are full of greetings from Francesca, Rodolfo and Inti!

We return to Ireland after a wonderful Summer of deep connection and music-making.  I wish to thank you all for your participation in the early stages of the Slow Tour project and for welcoming us to your community – this applies also to those who we were unable to visit but hope to in the future!

Each community has offered us a different experience of Whole-istic living, and we are so grateful for this diversity :-)  We have learnt a lot, and unfurled a lot!  And yet I feel we have only touched the surface of the amazing potential that can come from the connection between touring artists and centres of ecological living.

The area that I would love to see develop more, is the combination of concerts with communal work days, skill shares and open days – so that we can bring more people together for Earth and Community care.  I would also love to see more integration with the localised food systems – so that a touring artist can help in the tasks of food production during their stay and enjoy the benefits of very local food cultivated with love!

For my part, the level in which I could engage with each project this time round has been determined by being the mama of young boy.  We are deeply grateful of the loving attention, playful care and friendship he has received during this trip :-)  I also feel that I could become a clearer communicator for the Slow Tour concept, and develop a more dynamic way to generating ideas for Slow Tours as a group…..

And we would love to tour even SLOWER – with more inspiring projects on the fuel-filled route.  If you have any recommendations of projects (especially of they are less visible on the internet, GEN maps etc) please let us know.  And please, if you have not already, share with us any feedback that you would like to regarding your experience with us.

I hope that we continue to deepen and develop resources for touring artists and centres of ecological living alike, so that live music events can help to invigorate the networks dedicated to ecological, social and spiritual wellbeing, and equally so that we can generate more ecologically-sound infrastructure for live-events.

I deeply believe that ecological living can empower music and the arts, that they mutually support each other’s prosperity, and that of the Earth’s.

We have a time of Winter dream gestation before reemerging in the Spring!  I hope to connect with many of you again next year.  If you would like to stay connected please sign up to the muse-ecology mailing-list here or through LinkedIn.

Wishing you all a wonderful turning of Seasons, a deeper soul regeneration than ever before – with roots nourished and branches ever stronger!

With Love and Gratitude, 


PS:  Here’s a new song inspired by this journey, recorded at the near end of the tour in beautiful Sauveterre de Bearn, Southern France.  I hope you enjoy!

Francesca’s music:

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