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This month we are delighted to unveil our brilliant new publication, ’21 Stories of Transition’; we have a Digest of our Fairness theme; how a community responded when overwhelmed with refugees; the potential opportunity of prisons; plus practical projects, training and events.

21 Stories for COP21

There are now 4 weeks until the start of COP21, the UN’s climate negotiations in Paris. Several members of the Transition Network team will be going, as will Transitioners from around the world. Monday saw the launch of a new book, ’21 Stories of Transition’, in an English edition as well as a French one. Transition Network put out an invitation for groups to send in stories, and from those chose the 21 that make up the book. Its creator, Rob Hopkins, explains in this two minute video why it’s such an important publication. You can check out tasters of the 21 Stories (one being added every week day between now and COP) or order your printed copy here, and we’ve discounts for Transition groups who want to buy in bulk.  The book was also formally ‘launched’, although not in a way that most books are.  Here’s the video of the book’s launch:

Today Rob, in an article called ‘Why COP21 matters, and why I’m going’, talks more about the new book, about change, and about what Transition has to offer to the COP21 process.

If you are going to Paris, a timetable of Transition-related events will be published soon at  If you are staying home, we will also be suggesting some things you could still do.  One of those is ‘Postcards to Paris’, being co-ordinated by Transition St. Albans as part of their very impressive Sustainable St Albans Week.  They’d love you to get some postcards signed, and they will take them to Paris for you.  Here’s more information about that:

Transitioners’ Digest for our Fairness theme

Our theme for September/October has been ‘Fairness’ which we have been looking at from a variety of angles. In our ‘Transitioners’ Digest’ we give you a quick overview of what we’ve covered and what you might have missed.

Our next theme is ‘the Transition Story’, which promises to be a fascinating and challenging couple of months.  It opened with a piece called The Transition Story: Time to stop talking about climate change?, which we’d love your comments on.


Requiem for the Industrial Growth Society

One of the most innovative and well received elements of the International Transition Conference 2015 was the Requiem for the Global Industrial Growth System. Attended by over 80 people it gave a rare opportunity to reflect on our relationship to this vast system, to imagine witnessing its dying, and symbolically make the transition to a new and different way of living.
The 2015 Transition Network International Conference was amazing.  We’ve talked about it in previous Newsletters, but now we can share a beautiful short film that captures the spirit of those 3 days in Devon.


Syria on Your Doorstep: a Community Response to Refugees in Hungary
A guest post from Tracey Wheatley, co-ordinator of the Transition Hungary Hub has some insights about how can a community react when 1000s of people are literally dumped at the end of their street by people traffikers.

Other Names, Other Colours: Transition, Latino Style
An article by Tracy L Barnett for Magis Magazine on the challenge of translating the Transition Movement to the Latin American context.

Prisons as « One Massive Creative Design Opportunity »
An interview with Nicole Vosper about permaculture and prisons and why she feels that the prison system needs a rethink.


Support Offer theme: Practical Projects
As we explore Practical Projects, and how to bring them into being, we hear from Northaw Transition about their community orchard project, and how it came to be:


We are holding a series of trainings in the new year in Llandrindod, Wales including Transition Thrive, Real World Economics, and Permaculture for Transition (which is also happening in London in December).

If there hasn’t been a Transition Launch course near you or at a time you could attend, why not do the course OnLine? Not only will you be taken through the beginning steps to setting up and running a Transition group by one of the founders, but you will also get to experience learning online (an increasingly useful skill to have). This starts on January 12th 09.00 GMT and runs for 8 weeks. Details of all trainings and how to book:

Inner Transition Coordinator – freelance opportunity

Transition is seeking someone who can combine inner depth with passion for the aims of Transition – a natural networker, communicator, and enabler who wants to support the continuing evolution of inner Transition as part of the movement. Building on existing networks and resources, this role will support the continued integration of  understandings and activities from personal, group and societal development worlds into the healthy practice of Transition. 


A conversation around environmental sustainability in the arts.
Leeds. 11 November

Community Energy
Regen SW is running a series of events for community energy groups alongside Western Power Distribution (WPD).These events will help community groups navigate grid issues, understand more about local supply and smart grid options and explore how they can work with WPD to secure a grid connection. Watch their video:

Nottingham. 30 November
Birmingham. January 2016
Bath. February 2016



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“What the Transition movement does incredibly well is small-scale experiments which are practical, which resonate with local people, which look as if they’re doable, and that can engage people at a practical and meaningful level. It connects up the big issues and the local issues and shows you that change can happen at a local level”.
Julian Dobson, author of ‘How to Save Town Centres’, quoted in ’21 Stories of Transition’. 


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