Webcasting TNconf2015 Samedi September 19, 16.30-18.00 UK time.

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By now we hope have heard about our webcast happening as part of #TNconf2015 there is still time for Transition groups to join.

Date and Time: Saturday September 19, 16.30-18.00 UK time.

View Our Webcast 

If you want to just see the webcast then go to; where you can view the entire webcast starting from 16.30 UK time. If you want to know when that is where you are see the world clock.  There will also be a chat window where you can post comments or questions.

Joining in Our Webcast 

If you wish to participate in the webcast, using your webcam & microphone to broadcast to the world, then we need to know a few things from you in advance. please reply to this email straight away letting us know:

1) Your Skype contact
2) Your telephone number
2) What country you are in
3) Whether you have a functioning web cam
4) Which point you wish to speak on (see numbers 1-7 below)
5) The main point you wish to make, (this can change, but it’s helpful to know broadly what you want to say)

We’ll will then get in touch with you to share Skype contacts. It is important to do this before the webcast. Unless your Skype contact is shared with us you will not be able to join in the conversation.

It’s possible that we may be able to let you speak even if you don’t have a webcam (Particularly if you live in an area of the world poorly served with Internet) but we’ll give priority to those with webcams.

We will use a Skype facility to arrange the virtual contributors and bring you into the live conversation. So if you want to contribute we will call you on Skype,

Running order 

1) We will start with what are some of the key themes of the conference that have emerged so far. We will be showing some short video blogs, interviews, etc. And we will take a few short contributions from our live audience at the conference. No virtual content, only live.

2) What is Transition like in my place? What is similar to other places?, What I think is unique compared to elsewhere (events, experiences, processes, culture…)?

3) How do I see the end of the Industrial Growth system? How is it playing out in my country?

4) What are the new shoots, new things being birthed? What is emerging?

5) What are the range of feelings people are experiencing?

6) How is Transition working with other progressive movements? What do you see hap-
pening in terms of coalitions ? Has the Catholic church’s new stance on climate change shifted anything for instance?

7) Any other ideas very welcome! This will be an open emergent conversation.

We look forward to you joining us.

Naresh Giangrande Conference Organising Team

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