International Permaculture London 2015, IPCUK.EVENTS Conference et Convergence

Courses, workshops, visits and tours, volunteering, permablitzs and more.
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International Permaculture London 2015
Around the edge of the core IPCUK Conference and Convergence are a diverse range of events. They include courses, workshops, visits and tours, volunteering, permablitzs and lots more.Permaculture people are coming from all over the world – let’s take this opportunity to learn from them.

See what’s on offer below!

Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Learning

22 -27 August 2015, Sustainability Centre, Hampshire

Robin Clayfield’s unique and highly acclaimed Teacher Training, supports Permaculture groups to learn and work together using Creative Facilitation, Interactive Learning Methods, Personal Empowerment, Confidence Building, Workshop Planning and Skills Development.

Resilience Planning

22 -27 August 2015, Sustainability Centre, Hampshire

Climate change presents us with increasingly severe challenges. This course provides you with some permaculture design strategies for land and people in communities. Governments will be unable to meet the demand for services, while well prepared communities are extremely well placed for avoidance or endurance of extreme event

The Apricot Centre: Sustainable Garden Design with Permaculture

24 – 29 August 2015, Suffolk

This is a course for those who want to gain an appreciation of permaculture and how to apply it to designing sustainable gardens. It is an alternative offering to the longer more in-depth full 12 day Permaculture Design Course.

Earth-Spirit: Nature Connection Workshop

25 – 30 August 2015, North Pembrokeshire, Wales

‘Earth-Spirit’ is a facilitated immersion into the natural world. The intention is to deepen and empower personal connection with the spirit of the land, in a life sustaining way. This includes sharing practical skills to enable participants to be co-creators of sacred land spaces and effective agents of positive cultural change, guided by the underlying wisdom of Nature.

Social Permaculture

1 – 6 September 2015, Sustainability Centre, Petersfield

This course is aimed at people with existing knowledge of permaculture. It will be useful and relevant to anyone working in group situations; from workshop leaders to transition groups, from the workplace to community groups to families. It will be valuable for existing permaculture teachers who want to develop or specialise in social permaculture.

Liberation Permaculture Weekend

 4 – 6 September Dial House, Essex

The Liberation Permaculture weekend aims to explore if, how and why to place permaculture in a wider framework of radical social change. It is a space to share ideas, design tools and practices and bring people together who share a political affinity within the permaculture movement.

Sociocracy 3.0: Empowering Transformational Collaboration

5 – 6 (+7) September 2015, London

Sociocracy is an elegant, dynamic approach towards the holistic evolution and development of organisations. This 2-day + 1 experiential workshop gives you an overview of the main elements of Sociocracy, focusing on practice and utilising the Sociocratic methodology as a framework to explore, share and deepen understanding.

Ecology and Permaculture

6 September 2015, London

Presentations and discussions attempting to place Permaculture in the context of deep ecology: the threats to our planet and possible responses to it.

Sharing ideas with fellow urban permaculturalists

16 – 19 September 2015, Marlborough, Wiltshire

Marlborough is a small market town, nestling in the Wiltshire Downs. We’d love to show you what three years of transition and urban permaculture has done for our town and learn from people who are practicing urban permaculture in other parts of the world.

Transition Network International Conference

18 – 20 September 2015, Newton Abbot, Devon

The Transition Conference is a semi-regular event that brings together participants in the Movement from around the world. This is the first conference with a fully international outlook which reflects the Transition Movement’s transformation into a globally connected body, via its emerging National Hubs Network.

Kick-starting Permaculture Research Projects

18 September 2015, Hawkwood Nursery, Lea Valley

During this one-day workshop we will
Make the vital link between permaculture and research
, give an overview over different types and methods of research
Introduce the basic steps to develop your own permaculture research project
Enable you to identify issues important for you and your work, develop research questions, methodologies and recording systems
Explore options for collaboration.

Permaculture Teachers Sharing Event

18 – 21 September 2015

An event for active permaculture teachers, or those that have already done a teacher training course. Come and share your top tips, favourite sessions, games and experience. Each person that signs up also takes responsibility for delivering / holding one session. A collaborative event hosted and held by Hannah Thorogood at her home, The Inkpot, an 18 acre permaculture demonstration centre.

‘Localising Food’ Facilitators Training

22 – 28 September 2015, Totnes, Devon

Learn an integrated approach to developing local strategies and action plans for achieving bioregional scale food resilience, with a thriving local food economy.  Gain the confidence, skills and tools to facilitate your own area to achieve this, guided by experienced international and local tutors.


While you are in the UK why not take the opportunity to visit some permaculture in practice? All of these are particularly geared for international visitors with travel and accommodation all planned for.Holzer Permaculture Tour – Austria – 24 August – 4 September 2015

A Day with Brighton Permaculture Trust – Brighton – 6 September 2015

Permaculture in the East of England – 16 – 19 September 2015

Shropshire & Edges Permaculture Network (SEPNET) – Shropshire – 6 – 21 September 2015

Permaculture and Transition in Totnes  – Totnes – 16 – 19 September 2015

Permaculture ScotLAND Tour – Scotland – 17 -20 September 2015

London Calling – London – 16 – 18 September 2015

Tour of Smiling Tree Farm – Shropshire – 22 September 2015

Tour of The Crossing – East Sussex – 18 September 2015


Around the conference we have two special events.

Gala evening at Alara

On 8 September, there will be a gala evening of sumptuous food, wine, and music within the surrounds of Alara Wholefoods flourishing food forest. Find out more and book your tickets.

Inhabit Official UK Première

A feature length documentary providing an intimate look at permaculture peoples and practices. Wednesday 9 September, 7pm.

And last but not least there are some permaculture parties in Cambridge, Inverness & Berlin.


There are some great volunteer opportunities at Incredible Farm (Todmorden), People’s Community Garden (Ipswich), Ty Nant Eco Farm (North Wales), Edible Landscapes London, OrganicLea (London), Feltham’s Farm (Somerset), Galloway, and Edibles Farm (Yorkshire).

Design Courses

If you haven’t done a course in Permaculture Design Certificate course then there are lots coming up, in: Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Iceland, Turkey, Totnes, Cumbria, Scotland, & Manchester.

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