Transition Network Conference

SEPTEMBER 18th – 20th

The Transition Conference is back! After a 2 year gap since our last event at Battersea Arts Centre, the 2015 gathering will bring together delegates from across the worldwide Transition Movement, bridging National Hubs with local Initiatives and celebrating the wonderful achievements and work that have been occurring since we began this journey back in 2006. We’re delighted to be returning to the home of our 2010 Conference, the beautiful Seale-Hayne in Devon.

We’re currently designing Fringe events, Trainings, Tours and other fun and fabulous things for what will be a really remarkable few days in Devon:

Main Transition International Conference: Friday 18th September (6pm) to Sunday 20th September (5pm)

Transition Trainings: Thursday 17th September – Friday 18th September

Transition Skills Day: Friday 18th September (Details TBC)

National Hubs Gathering: Dates TBC

Youth Gathering: Dates TBC

Tickets to the Conference go on sale on April 15th from our website. There are 350 places available including 50 bursary tickets for those on low incomes or travelling from abroad.


At this year’s conference we will be exploring the global stories of Transition! Over the past few years, the Transition movement has spread virally to more than 1,200 communities in at least 43 countries. From Brazil to Japan, Canada to Croatia, people have been inspired to get together with their neighbours and make the place where they live, happier, healthier and more resilient. Alongside this, a young but vibrant network of now over 20 National Hubs has formed to support the growing international nature of Transition and its diverse interpretation globally. Transitioners at Seale-Hayne back in 2010…This year’s Conference will explore the emergent face of Transition as an important worldwide grassroots activist network, focused on finding local solutions to global issues, and the new stories that are emerging from this shift.

Hundreds of Transitioners from across 30+ countries are expected to attend in person and many more will be able to participate online through a live global webcast event we are organising. We will share ideas and information, learn new skills together, inspire each other and showcase and celebrate the huge range of projects and activities through which people are increasing local resilience. Transition is more relevant now than ever with solutions at all scales needed.

Here at Transition Network, we’re incredibly excited about once more spending time with our friends from around the UK, in Europe and from beyond. Its going to be a fantastic, enriching, enlivening event and we hope to see you here!

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