« PermaCreativity » pour les jeunes entre 18 et 25 ans, en Italie

A suivre vous trouverez une invitation pour les 18 – 25 ans pour participer à un Cours Certifié de Permaculture en anglais, à l’écovillage Giardino Della Gioia, sud de l’Italie, un endroit magnifique du 18 au 30 juin.
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The youth exchange PermaCreativity will take place in Italy in Eco-village Giardino della Gioia from the 18th to the 30th of June 2015, days of travels included.
It is an international course that will involve 20 participants, aged between 18 and 25 years old, from Italy, France, Greece and Slovenia. Only few participants can be aged between 25 and 30. Each national group will be composed by 5 participants and a group leader with no age limit.
This course is organized by the association Paradiso Ritrovato in cooperation with the ecovillage and association Giardino della Gioia and will be partly funded by the Erasmus+ program.

This economical support will give the opportunity to motivated young people in economical distress to participate to a course that in Europe normally costs around 500 euros, equipping them with new knowledge, resilience, motivation and the 72hours PDC certificate to be able to eventually continue with the permaculture diploma.

Food and accommodation will be fully granted. Also travel costs will be partly funded up to 170 euros per participant from Greece, France and Slovenia and up to 80 euros from Italian participants.
Ask directly for more details.

« PermaCreativity » is a residential course and it will be held in English.
Each participant will be asked to contribute with a participation fee of 200 euros.

When you feel this is your call please answer to the little questionnaitre you find at this link :

Selection process: There are limited amount of places so please give a sign to
and fill in the following questionnaire within the 10th May 2015.

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