Crowdfunding for helping scholarship for the IPCUK event

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We have an opportunity to step up and meet global challenges, together

There are so many fantastic, inspiring permaculture projects around the world.

Over the last four weeks we have been sharing the stories of some of the 60+ applicants to anIPCUK scholarship fund. It would make such a difference to support as many of them as we can.

The IPCUK scholarships crowdfunding project ends this Friday at 3pm. We have reached 82% of the target and have less than £3800 to go.

You can pledge at

For example, one of the scholars who applied is the chairman of the Permaculture Research Institute Kenya, and founder of the Drylands Natural Resources Centre. He is doing great work for communities and landscapes across Kenya. He is working to develop a self-sustaining village for 1000 orphans and their grandparents, plus supporting over 400 farmers and schools to establish food forests.

What an inspiration!

You can make a huge difference to him and people like this from South America, Africa and Asia. Help bring inspiring scholars to the international permaculture convergence so we can learn, share, and plan together.

You can pledge at

You can see more stories on our Twitter @IPCUK2015, and  a message or two yourself.

Thank you so much!

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