Transition Network Newsletter – February 2012

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Transition Network Newsletter – February 2012

This month we start off with more news about the 2.0 movie before our regular news round ups; a poetry competition, inner transition survey; a bumper edition of social reporting stories with thoughts on looking forward, plus skill share of building benders and making bread and more; 2012 Training dates and a great deal more to inspire.

In Transition 2.0
Last night preview screenings took place in locations included in the film that will be released at
the end of March. It was watched simultaneously in a fire station in Moss Side in Manchester, a community centre in Lyttelton in New Zealand that was one of only a few buildings there to survive the earthquake (theirs started at 9am), a Hindu temple in Tooting in London, a ‘Cinema Paradiso’ in a village in rural India, and in a village hall in Japan. A website dedicated to the film
goes live in the next few days where you will be able to pre-order copies of the DVD, plus there
will be a blog with feedback from the film and videos/audio responses.
Initial responses to the film have been glowing. If you haven’t seen it, you can view the trailer at
In the run-up to the previews, Rob Hopkins asked 5 quick questions to the 4 key people
involved in making the film:
Rebecca Mayes, whose beautiful and entrancing music runs through the film.
Beccy Strong who filmed most of the UK-based sequences in the film
Producer Emma Goude
Emilio Mula, In Transition 2.0’s animator
‘Turn the Lights Out’ and you could be in a music video!
A song specially written by Rebecca Mayes, who wrote all the music for the film, wants clips of YOU turning out the lights for the video of the song. Any lights. It can be creative/unusual ways of turning lights out, or just plain looking into camera and turning lights out. You can do it
alone or with your Transition community (preferably both!) Five second clips maximum.
Send them before February 19th.
Introducing ‘The Transition Companion’ widget
Here’s a great ‘The Transition Companion’ widget created by Green Books, which offers an immersion into the book, complete with audio bits and all sorts. It’s easily embeddable, so if
you have anywhere on-line it could go, that would be wonderful. Click on it and it blows up
into a flip-throughable selection from the book.

The January Podcast
In this edition you’ll hear about how Transition Chesham’s local produce market was recently voted the greenest market in Britain, how Transition Town Whitehead are planning to plant 60,000 trees over the next few weeks, and how Transition Town Shrewsbury stepped in
when the local council announced that it was stopping collecting cardboard for recycling,
and did it themselves.
Round-up of What’s Happening out in the World of Transition
US Round-up Edition
Transition US Annual Survey 2011: the results
The aim was to get a sense of how Transition is evolving in the US and what kind of support
is needed. Questions were focused on finding out some background info about Transition initiatives, how Transition initiatives are doing overall, and insights on how the Transition movement can be most effective.

Inner Transition Survey
We’ve been wondering what Inner Transition groups are doing and to help find out we invite
you to take part in an on line survey.
Rob Hopkins appears on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Four Thought’
‘Four Thought’ bills itself as « a series of unscripted thought-provoking talks in which the speakers air their thinking on the trends, ideas, interests and passions that affect culture and society ».  The episode that airs on February 15th at 8.45pm features Transition Network’s Rob Hopkins speaking about community resilience and the Transition approach.  Recorded at the RSA in London in front of a live audience, it is thought (well, by Rob anyway) to be the first ‘Four Thought’ to use props (a Brixton Pound and a bottle of ‘Sunshine Ale’ from Lewes).  Unwise on radio perhaps, but hopefully it will work! It will be listed here shortly
The Transition Voice In and Out List, 2012
A take on the pulse of a nation dealing with the Great Recession and facing peak oil,
climate change and the limits to economic growth.
Poetry Competition on Climate Change
As part of its Arts and Climate Change programme, community energy charity in Wales, Awel Aman Tawe, is sponsoring the poetry competition for adults and children in English and Welsh. Closing date: 31st March 2012
FILM REVIEW: Peak kitsch: “The Crisis of Civilization”
The most accessible peak oil film since The End of Suburbia?
Web Project End of Project Report
Here’s our report on what we’ve been doing the last three years on the web at Transition Network. Recommended for small organisations thinking about the web, web co-ordinators, webmasters, managers looking for a way through the web forest
Bicycle Use for Community Building
This project is to better prepare myself and my neighborhood for the transition to a lower 
energy use, simplified society. It creates community resilience by helping and providing
alternative transportation to a culture, utterly addicted to cars, and through that, the
extensive and unsustainable use of fossil fuels.
More projects here

Looking Forward
Mapping the Future
Visioning for a future we want, or don’t want, is not the same as visioning for
a future that might actually happen.
This hugely hopeful moment
Even though the oil tanker of economic growth is fast developing huge holes
that no billions of dollars can plug, even though, or should we say, because
of this, we are living in a hugely hopeful moment.
Stepping Out with Plants for Life in 2012
« I have not led a transition project before – I’ve been very much a committed
participant in some great ones thought up by others. »
The End of the World
Whither the world, who knows? There’s no predicting what effects the ripples of our
actions might create. Chaos theory offers hope and no more. Maybe this will be
remembered as the year when the worldwide We took a giant leap? Or not.
This is a photograph of me
There I am trying to distance myself from Transition and the frisky little minx is trying to lure
me back in. She buttonholes me on the street. “Without you I’m fading away,” she says.
Stepping out in 2012
It’s only when you sign up to write a blog on the future that you discover there is nothing
but empty space in the mental drawer labelled “What’s happening in Transition this year.”
Saturday News Stories
Dispatches from the Field
The journalistic aspect of the Social Reporting pilot often goes unsung.
Five Meet Up in Finsbury Park
The social reporters are flung far and wide in all directions in the UK  but five writers from
the crew converged to discuss the schedule for winter/spring and all things editorial. Meeting means you can play and work with a subject amongst you, so it moves and changes and becomes a clear and dynamic springboard.
Changing the Social Logic through Design
An exploration of low-carbon design in relation to A Pattern Language.
Skill Share
Sharing a skilled future
Skillshare is the idea that you can learn anything from anybody, anywhere,
such as building a bender.
A Sourdough Baking Journey
Bread that doesn’t need industrial baking aids nor is it reliant on high energy consuming
systems and is a great tasting bread might be the bread for the future.
I love Reskilling
Empowering, social, cheaper and fun!

Keep Making Sense – How Transition Changed My Life
A Day in the Life of a Transitioner
If you embrace what it does, , it will turn your life upside down – like a love affair.
Economics and Livelihoods – Transition’s response to Occupy’s concerns?
Transition Dad and Other Unofficial Initiatives
He talks as a lifelong craftsman and maker about his own experiences of rebuilding,
repurposing and reusing.
Waking up in Forest Row
The story of energy.
Connecting with our roots – a plants for life talk
About time, thyme, roots, rooted and connections.
Full archive of stories

Congratulations to the 82 winning communities around the UK who will share the £4million Local Energy Assessment Fund (LEAF) for community energy projects. At least ten of them were Transition initiatives including West Bridport, Barcombe and Ovesco in East Sussex, Monmouth in Wales, Penwith, Totnes, Eynsham and Peckham.
A new initiative from The Co-operative in the UK being launched by the Centre for Sustainable Energy called the Co-operative Community Energy Challenge will provide 12-18 months of enterprise development, mentoring, technical advice and community facilitation for six to eight communities, enabling them to initiate co-operative renewable energy projects at a significant scale.

Network Training
Which training is right for you? Click on links for more details
or send us an email:
Transition LAUNCH:
Totnes, 21-22 April
Transition THRIVE:
London, 17-18 March
Totnes, 16-17 June
MA in Economics for Transition
Schumacher College is offering an MA in Economics for Transition, a full-time one year programme

« The more the world crises come to a head, the greater the need for Humanity to come to a heart. »
Swami Beyondananda

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