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Transition Network newsletter – November 2011

  • Transition Model Leaps Ahead With Book and Ingredients
  • NEWS
    • Round up of What’s Happening in Transition
    • Volunteer Required for European Transition Learning Exchanges
    • Please help Transition US
    • Tasting a Revolution in Shipping
    • #Occupy and Transition: Resources For Creating Lasting Change
    • The Yurt and the Labyrinth – Transition Camp 2011
    • Communications
    • Diversity and Social Justice
    • Permaculture
    • Food and Health Week
    • New Guide Published: Embedding Diversity and Inclusion in Transition
    • Permaculture Principles applied for organisation or event management
    • Green Futures Grimsby
    • Stories of the Great Turning

Transition Model Leaps Ahead With Book and Ingredients
Three exciting new developments and outputs from Transition Network, the results of many months of work, have emerged blinking into the daylight. We are sure that they will greatly deepen your understanding of Transition, bring depth and richness to your work, re-inspire and energise you. They represent a radical shift in how Transition is understood and communicated. They are:

  • The book: ‘The Transition Companion’
  • The online directory: The Transition Ingredients and Tools – which you can explore here
  • The beautiful set of Ingredients and Tools Cards:
    to be used to better understand all this

Together, they represent a sea-change in how we understand what Transition is and how to do it.


Round of What’s Happening in Transition
Tales of local fruit harvesters, in Kensal to Kilburn, local money in Sutton and Tooting,
The Kingston Philosophy Festival, the Kinsale 50 Mile Meal Award and this year’s Transition “Un-Conference” for the German-speaking Transition community plus many more.

Volunteer Required for European Transition Learning Exchanges
Transition Network is creating a series of learning exchanges that will enable us all to learn from innovative and successful Transition Initiative projects and social enterprises across Europe.

Please help Transition US bring a new world to life
Since Transition US was founded just three years ago, 103 Transition Communities have formed there are 54 million Americans who now live in a population center with an active Transition Initiative! This year Transition US is taking a bold step: seeking to raise $100,000
by the end of the year, to give this burgeoning movement a big boost at a critical time. Will you make a financial contribution now to support our work, and the work of Transition Communities across the USA?


Tasting a Revolution in Shipping
In this first Transition podcast, Rob Hopkins explores the potential of sail-powered shipping
as the price of oil rises and the economy tightens.

#Occupy and Transition: Resources For Creating Lasting Change
There are many things you can do to be part of this growing movement—and only some of them involve sleeping outside. Here is a digest of some of the articles and resources about how we can be bold in our next steps and combine our Transition thinking with this new surge of momentum around change.

The Yurt and the Labyrinth – Transition Camp 2011
It has been a year of gatherings, each one different from the last. The 2011 Transition Camp was not defined by its music or intellectual debate, but by our presence on the land, the chalk and clay pastures and woodlands of Sussex.


A selection of articles from the national blog created and compiled
by writers around the country that aims to communicate the real-life
issues and experiences of being in Transition.

The Visitors – A Transition Journey
Charlotte tells a tale of visiting the social reporters before the project kicked off.

So I’m a Transitioner, am I?
I’m 26, and a recent masters graduate. Like many recent graduates,
I haven’t got a full-time job, and the prospects of getting one remain dim.


Memorable Communication Moments from Transition Omagh
“There’s an important event coming up,” we’ll need to get a simple flyer out, who would like to do this easy job”?

Communicating From the Edge
Coupled with the high level of population mobility and roughly half of us would say
we’re not white British, there aren’t so many traditional environmentalisty types
across three of London’s most deprived boroughs: Hackney, Haringey and Islington.
So what’s been our strategy?

Diversity and Social Justice

Going Back to Diversity?
For me the Transition I want to build is one which makes sense to everyone,
not just the minority of the population that are currently doing it.

In Defence of Squatting
Squatting, a proud tradition in the UK which involves individuals taking over empty/abandoned properties is under threat. While there are many reasons
why people squat, the main reason is homelessness.

Diversity Omagh Style
Believe it or not, here in Northern Ireland, we have two sets of everything.

Helping Your Community Out First
My experiences earlier this week have reminded me of why valuing diversity
and not just writing off the ‘unengaged’ is so key to creating a better society.


Edible Landscapes London
Many food growing projects fail after the first year because they’re planted with high maintenance plants that need to be replanted each year and then mollycoddled.

Permaculture and Transition – We Are The Earth’s Immune Response
By being aware of the interconnectedness of all parts, of all beings, we can design
processes and systems that can be high yielding, effective and fair.

What Grows Around Comes Around
The thought of gardening scares me stiff. Composting is the closest I usually get to it.
Letting dead things rot is easy.

Notes from a Northern Hearth
“Why don’t you build a lean-to shelter on the back of the house to store firewood in?”
my mum mused, over one of her endless cups of tea.

Food and Health Week

Food and Health: Our Story
Back in 2008, when I first began working on the Local Food book, I found myself straddling
two very different worlds: local food project collaborators and the culture of the modern healthcare system.

Love, Food and the Whole Damn Thing
Food, and the awareness of it, is as integral a part of transition for me as a basic grasp of fossil fuel constraints, social (in)equality and justice, the collapse of the current economy
and a feeling for the living systems of the planet.


New Guide Published: Embedding Diversity and Inclusion in Transition
For the past year, Catrina Pickering has been Transition Network’s diversity coordinator, contributing to all aspects of Transition Network’s work with the objective of helping Transition Initiatives to better embed diversity and inclusion in their efforts and her last piece of work was to distil her learnings and accumulated wisdom into a guide .

Permaculture Principles applied for organisation or event management


Green Futures Grimsby
A community business growing food for the local community

Stories of the Great Turning
Vala Publishing Cooperative is sending out a call for contributions to
a participative book project.


London Transition Groups Gathering with Rob Hopkins
Thursday, 1st December

More events here


« It’s enough in this first phase of #occupy that people have got up off the sofa.« 
Michael Moore

« I have a fiduciary responsibility to maximise shareholder value », is today’s
« I was only following orders »

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